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Lifebouy Bathing soap 110g

Lifebouy Bathing soap 110g

For Skin That Demands A Balance Between Protection And Care, The Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar Contains The Goodness Of Milk Cream That Leaves The Skin Soft And Smooth. Its Advanced Formula Is Designed To Keep Skin Healthy And Helps Protecting It From Germs. Give Your Self And Your Family 100% Better Germ Protection With This Soap From Lifebuoy. Enjoy Clean, Soft Skin And A Germ-Free Bathing Experience

Lifebouy Soap Blue 115g

Lifebouy Soap Blue 115g

Effective against germs and bacteria
Lifebuoy anti-bacterial bath soap is a bath soap that provides reliable protection from various types of invisible germs. Clean and protect your skin to feel hygienic. Clean. And fresh every day. Every day protection from germs for the maximum clean body. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors that can prevent disease. Lifebuoy therefore presents bar soap with a distinctive fragrance as well as a special formulation content that can fight germs and bacteria from around you.

Suitable for everyday use
The soap with the texture of the bar feels soft on the skin so it is suitable for everyday use. Lifebuoy bar soap is present enriched with an active formula capable of providing reliable protection for you and your family. Clinically proven. The soap containing this soft cleansing formula can clean the skin and make it feel healthy. The fresh smell makes the skin fresher. Lifebuoy stems with active naturol shield are able to remove 10 germs causing problems with only 1 greater and more efficient protection.

Thymol is natural active and raw material germ protection first. Activsilver formula.

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