List Of Tamil Grocery Products You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Tamil Grocery : A Must Try

Preparing the Indian grocery list is the first thing to do when we want to shop for the weekend. Being away from India means no closer to Indian grocery shops and you can’t go every day for sambar masala, matta rice, etc. Having the Indian grocery list in hand makes shopping less stressful and fewer trips. To make shopping for South Indian products easy for you in Canada, there is an online grocery delivery store name as Buddy Basket. It’s an offering-perfect tamil grocery store near me

List of Tamil grocery products you must have in your kitchen are : 

1.Eastern Rasam Powder 

Roasted Lentils and carefully chosen spices combine to enhance the flavor and aroma of real Rasam. This extremely aromatic spice powder, also known as Rasam Podi in Telugu and Tamil, is simple to create at home and consistently produces amazing results. Rasam is a South Indian meal with a thin soup-like consistency made with lentils that is energizing and flavorful. On hot summer days and chilly wintry days alike, all you require a warm broth blended with rice and ghee.

 Want to solve your gastrointestinal issues? 

Rasam is the best traditional remedy for you because of its digestive benefits. Tamarind is effective in treating constipation issues because of its high fiber content. Adding black pepper into rasam soups promotes the release of  digestive fluids.

At Buddy Basket, we have other brands as well like MTR, Aachi, Priya, Melam, sgr777foods, etc. 

2.Eastern Payasam Mix 

Payasam loved in varieties for the festive season. Kheer, also known as payasam. It is a traditional sweet food and wet pudding in the Indian subcontinent. Typically produced by heating milk, sugar or jaggery, and rice. However, one of the foregoing ingredients require in place of the rice – daals, palada, tapioca, millet, bulgur wheat, or vermicelli.

We at Buddy Basket are offering different brands in payasam like Aachi Palada payasam mix, Aachi Dal Payasam Mix, Nirapara Palada Payasam Mix, Double Horse Rice Palada Payasam, and GRB Payasam Kheer Mix. Jaggery is typically use in South Indian Payasam. As it is unrefined and is seen to be the purest kind of sweetener to give to the gods.

3. Elite Rice Idli Mix 

To carefully preserve the nutritional qualities of the farm-fresh rice, Elite Rice Idly Rava prepare from premium plain boiled white rice that has been powdered and delicately processed under sanitary condition.No added preservatives & additives, completely natural processing of idli mix. It is ideal for making breakfast idlis in the traditional, fluffy, Tamil style.

4. Sambar powder

In Buddy basket, we have a wide variety of sambar powder brands like Aachi, Priya, Eastern, Nirapara, 777 Madras Sambar Powder, etc. In South India, there are several different sambar powder recipes prepare with various components.

The majority of these start with a basis of lentils, mustard seeds, and curry leaves. In some areas, ingredients like coconut, cinnamon, and even stone flowers need and are in use. 

5. Melam Dosa Mix

Mix Melam Dosa preapre with urad dal and rice soak before being combine to make dosa batter. On a hot griddle or tawa, the fermented batter is then stretched out like a crepe. It is used as a regular meal and also gives the body energy. Additionally, it is thoroughly process before packaging to remove pointless contaminants. Purchase Melam Dosa Mix right away online!

These are the basic ingredients you must keep in mind always. We also have HOME ROOT- Coconut Chutney and HOME ROOT- Khatti Meethi Chutney to serve in South Indian Cuisine. Shop now at Buddy Basket , an online grocery store in Canada.