How to make atta flour more interesting

atta Flour more intresting

Do you want to make your cakes, snacks, or meals healthier? 

Attempt one of these whole atta flour dishes. You may use wheat flour in every recipe, from those homemade bread to those delicious sweets or snacks. If you are looking for multigrain flour Canada online then Buddy Basket is perfect to shop for all Indian food products.

Atta flour pizza dough

Whole wheat pizza dough is made using a quick and easy procedure using only whole wheat flour. With this recipe, you can make a pizza base with a soft texture that bakes up to be crisp on the outside. This delicious dough is created with just 6 ingredients in 1 hour, including rise time, and is perfect for producing handmade thin-crust pizzas of any flavor.The best part is that it freezes well and is excellent for controlling weight and satisfying cravings. This recipe includes whole-grain flour, which has a lot more nutrition than refined all-purpose flour.

Wheat Dosa

The Atta Dosa recipe uses whole wheat flour, onion, herbs, and spices to make a quick dosa.  It is also known as Atta Dosa or Godhuma Dosa.We enjoy some instant dosa recipes as well, such as Instant dosa, Rava dosa, No Grind Ragi dosa, Oats dosa, and Onion rava dosa, because we are fans of fermented dosa. This quick atta dosa is also well-liked. It is really simple to prepare. The simplest version of this dish only calls for salt, water or buttermilk, and wheat flour (or atta). It’s quite simple to make this dish. The batter only has to be combined, then it needs to sit or rest for 30 minutes. On a heated pan or seasoned tawa, you can afterward prepare the dosas. The batter doesn’t need to be fermented at all.

Whole wheat atta Banana bread 

Banana bread is a wonderful, fluffy, and soft vegan recipe. This delightful banana bread is made without eggs, from whole wheat atta, and is just the right amount of sweetness.  This is by far the greatest banana bread that’s ever been cooked. The bread was ideal for an eggless or vegan loaf because it was light, soft, and moist. Flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, vanilla extract, melted butter, eggs, and extremely ripe bananas are all you need to make the best banana bread. It can be made into banana nut bread by omitting the raisins and adding optional walnuts instead.

Wheat Sandwich bread 

Sandwich bread is a tender loaf baked using whole wheat flour. The bread can be readily frozen or kept in the refrigerator for longer than a week because it contains no milk products. It may be used to make any type of sandwich, including vegetarian, club, paneer, and more.


Making the tastiest pancakes that are fluffy, light, and soft while still using whole wheat flour is doable. If you don’t believe me, you must try this recipe; we can assure you that it will become one of your go-to options for breakfast. These light pancakes easily outperform those made with eggs.You can choose from indian food store near me in Canada which offers premixes of cakes, cookies, etc like Buddy Basket. 


Cheese breadsticks are a delicious cheesy appetizer that India’s pizza restaurants have made famous. Making cheese breadsticks at home is simple, and if you use good yeast, they will taste better than the breadsticks served at pizza places.


Wheat Nankhatais are tasty, albeit they aren’t as crumbly as those made with all-purpose flour. To provide some crumbly texture, you also used besan. 

Enjoy making all these recipes to live a healthy life with yummy food made from atta flour. To order groceries online Toronto– Buddy Basket is running offers all season. Shop Now !!!

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