Lets Celebrate Festival of India : Makar Sankranti & Lohri

Lets Celebrate the Harvest Festival of India 2023 : Makar Sankranti & Lohri

January is a month of fun festivals and the start of the new year and winter season. In Canada, the Indian community awaits to celebrate their festivals with great enthusiasm. We all know that Indians are rich in diversities, different cultures, festivals, and traditions. But the amazing fact is that all around India, the same festival celebrates under several names. In the North and Punjab it is known as  Lohri Celebration, in the South its  pongal celebration and in Western regions its Makarsakranti. Also, in Gujarat, Uttarayan. It is the same festival overall and has the same connection with the “Harvest festival of farmers”.To make the festival more joyous, we will tell you about some common sweet dishes that you can buy from Buddy Basket to enjoy for Makar Sankranti & Lohri 2023 :

 Til Ladoos 

This dried coconut, peanuts, and dry-roasted sesame seeds Ladoos are made using jaggery as a sweetener. They are a great source of calcium, and if you consume enough of them this month, they will replenish your calcium levels. That is what I would refer to as God’s meal. Additionally, the Ladoos filled with nuts that will assist to strengthen your immunity; most people eat them with a warm glass of milk.To enjoy this special winter season recipe you can buy sesame seeds 24 Mantra Organic White Sesame 200g or Yogini Seeds from punjabi grocery store near you, Buddy Basket

Gur Gajakk

A common Indian treat produce just for the winter name Gajakk. This chewy, dry treat is made by combining a lot of sugar, ghee, and dried fruit varieties with milk cream that has solidified. Gajak is a rich and delicious tempting dish that is typically enjoy eating on Lohri.

Peanuts Chikki

Another popular Makar Sankranti food is peanut chikki. People who celebrate Lohri or Pongal also like it. This delicious sweet dish made with jaggery powder, roast, slice peanuts, and ghee and is ideal to eat in the winter to keep warm.In our grocery online shopping store, you will get Jabson Peanut Chikki. 

Carrot Halwa :

One of the most well-known halwa recipes is gajar halwa, which preparesusing grated carrots. The carrot halwa recipe provides a classic slow-cooked version that uses only carrots, milk, ghee, sugar, and a few dried fruits. We have Sagan Carrot Halwa and add a yummy licious sweet dish to your cart. 

Gur wale chawal 

This recipe for jaggery rice, known as gur wale chawal, is sweet and delicious. It is an amber-orange tint. You usually just have it plain. But it also tastes good when you mix some warm jaggery rice with a little milk and consume it. We at Buddy Basket have varieties of basmati rice from which you can make this recipe perfectly- Elite Matta Rice, Rettaikili Seeraga Samba Rice, Double Horse Jeerakasala Rice, Royal Darbar 1121 Steam Basmati Rice etc. 

Brown Pinni

 A common dessert made in the winter in Punjab or other parts of North India name pinni. For the Lohri festival, pinni dessert is typically made ahead of time and is dry in nature. Pinni prepares with desi ghee, wheat flour, jaggery, and almonds as delectable ingredients. As desired, people also add raisins.

 Murmura Laddoo and Chikki 

Who doesn’t enjoy drooling over sugar’s sweetness, especially around holidays? All of us do! Try these unique Lohri treats, murmure ke ladoo, to celebrate the holiday in its truest form. This low-calorie sweet treat, which prepares with puffed rice and jaggery, love by people all over the nation for its crispy and sweet combination. Give this wonderful wonder to your loved ones as a result. To make them Buddy Basket is offering Bansi Kolhapuri Murmura 400g and Yogini Jaggery cubes 908g. 

All of the above food items completely mark the Makar Sankranti & Lohri. Buddy Basket is offering the perfect indian store near me services all over Canada, especially in GTA areas. Starting from papads to payasam mixes you can get all groceries at the best prices. Stay tuned for coming up blogs on how to do pongal celebration and popular pongal dishes