Navratri foods You Shouldn’t Miss the Festive Season

Navratri Foods Ideas

In the festive season of navratri hindu community living in Canada keep  looking for Navratri food products like Paneer, Sabudana, Makhana, Banana Chips and many more which are allowed to consume in navratri. You can shop all these products in while sitting in any parts of Canada and GTA areas with facility of online grocery delivery. Buddy Basket is an online Indian Supermarket  which is offering all food products which are must in fasting. Let’s explore them in detail. In this blog we are going to discuss all the food products which are do’s and don’t in Navratri festive.

How is the Navratri festival celebrated all over the world ? 

Devotees pray and worship Durga’s nine avatars throughout the nine-day festival. It is thought that Goddess Durga engaged in combat with the demon Mahishasura and conquered him. 

The celebration is held to celebrate Mahishasura’s defeat as well as to adore and honor the goddess. During this time of year, Goddess Durga will be adorned with jewelry, clothing, flowers, and more. Bells and Aarti ring out at the start of each morning. One of the most important holidays in the nation is Navratri, which is observed twice a year. Nine lengthy days of festivities are followed, with nightly adoration of Goddess Durga’s various forms and obviously the dandiya nights filled with Garba dance

The majority of people fast throughout this time. Chaitra Navratri, the first Navratri, is observed at the beginning of spring, whereas Sharad Navratri, the second Navratri, is observed in the autumn. The nine various manifestations of the goddess Durga are worshiped pompously throughout Navratri. While Dandiya and nine days of fasting is observed in the northern states, pandal hopping and idol worship are the main events in West Bengal’s eastern region. This well-recognized and diverse holiday has its own significance among the populace all over the world including Canada. 

Now let’s discuss Navratri  food products which are easily available for Grocery home delivery.

List of  food items you can enjoy in Navratri fasting :

You will get all the given below food products in the Indian Grocery store-


Sabudana Tikki, often referred to as sago cutlet. Ideal Navratri snack to have while fasting is this crunchy, crispy snack.One of the foods that Indians like most frequently is khichdi of Sabudana Kheer. Despite being straightforward, it makes your mouth swim for it. Enjoy the Sabudana. Because of its abundance in carbohydrates and starch, Sabudana will keep you energized during your fast. You can also include some peanuts and mild spices to enhance the flavor of the seasonings. Sabudana vada, Kheer and Khichdi work well as a snack if you’re searching for something quick.When shopping from a buddy basket online you can add HOME ROOT- Sabudana Vada to your cart. 


A simple Navratri recipe uses lotus seeds, sometimes referred to as Makhana. Simply place some ghee in the pan and roast the makhana until it turns light brown. Rock salt ( sendha namak) and black pepper should be added.When shopping from a buddy basket online you can add Yogini Phool Makhana-200gm to your cart. 

3. Banana Chips

In Navratri, people can enjoy eating Potato chips only but Banana chips can be a new taste for the fastings. It’s perfect because having low fat and cholesterol make food suitable for ingestion. A healthy diet in vrat or upwas. All ages can enjoy these chips less oily, more healthy and tasty. When shopping from a buddy basket online you can add Garvi G Banana Wafer 180g to your cart. 

4.Fruits & Vegetables

During these nine days of Navratri, all fruits may be enjoyed like apple, banana, kiwi, grapes , berries etc. These can be consumed as prasad or offered as bhog.Lemons, sweet potatoes, normal potatoes, arbi, kachalu, suran or yam, and other vegetables can be enjoyed.When shopping from a buddy basket online you can add any fruits and vegetables  to your cart. 

5. Coconut Ladoo

Sweet cravings in festivals of Navratri are so obvious so try out making crispy coconut laddu. Coconut ladoo is full-filling sweet and very easy to make. You can even get grated coconut in supermarts to save you time. When shopping from a buddy basket online you can add Saro Grated Coconut 400g  to your cart. 

6.Nuts & Dry Fruits :

Nuts and dry fruits are essential components of your Navratri diet because they are a rich source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. While you are fasting, add a handful of walnuts, almonds, dates, cashew and raisins for a nutritional boost.When shopping from a buddy basket online you can add any types of nuts and dry fruits  to your cart. 

7.Atta Kuttu

The kuttu atta is no less than a people’s favorite during the Navratri fast. This will also keep you energized for the duration of your fast. This will lessen the possibility of any health drainage when consumed. You can make popular dishes like kuttu ki Puri, dosa, paratha, and even pakore with outside ka atta. Kuttu is best consumed in conjunction with curd since it dries out the mouth.

There are various food products which you should avoid during Navratri Fasting like Non-veg, species, rice, wheat etc.You shouldn’t eat Non-vegetarian cuisine any of the meals like chicken, fish, mutton, lamb, eggs, and other animal products should be rigorously avoided. Devotees of fasting often avoid eating anything that isn’t vegetarian. While onion and garlic are to be avoided, non-vegetarian foods are not allowed. People frequently avoid preparing the dish with onion and garlic. 

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