Whole Spices

Whole spices, which are sold as-is and used without being ground or crushed, give food great tastes and smells. They also last longer and stay strong for a longer time than ground spices.

There are a lot of different kinds of whole spices, and each one has a different taste. For example, cinnamon sticks are great in both sweet and spicy recipes because they are both warm and sweet. Cloves have a strong flavour that tastes almost sweet, and black peppercorns add a spicy kick to food.

To get the most flavour out of them, it is often best to lightly toast them before using them. Dry-toasting them in a pan or grinding them right before cooking can make their smells stronger and make the dish taste better overall. When using whole spices, it is important to take them out of the dish before serving because they can be very spicy.

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