Ready to eat – easiest and healthier options in Canada

Ready to eat

When trying to eat healthfully, meal planning can be very beneficial. You may save time and money by creating a list of ready to eat meals that are healthy and simple to prepare, especially if the items are easily available online. People of Canada always look for healthier food options. So, to help them in making a healthy meal plan we have some food products which can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s discuss them below :

1.Rice Flakes

Rice Flakes or Poha is a wholesome meal. In addition to being a great source of iron, fiber, nutritious carbohydrates, and other vitamins and antioxidants, it is also free of gluten. It is well proven to be helpful for those with heart, skin, and diabetic problems.. Vitamin B, which is rich in Poha and can help you stay active and promote the health of your brain, Did you realize? Poha cooking adds veggies and boosts the dish’s nutritional value by adding a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A bowl of cooked poha has roughly 250 calories. In Buddy Basket grocery store in Canada you will get best brands like eastern, elite and nirapara etc.

2.Ground Nuts

Groundnut, also called Peanut or Pignut. It is a delicious and nutritious nut that has become popular among health enthusiasts due to its extraordinary health advantages and high protein content. They are a widely used snack and dish ingredient. But they also have a long list of health and beauty effects. Also, groundnuts are an excellent source of heart-healthy fats, protein, and fiber that help control blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of heart disease, and reduce appetite.


Millet is a nutritious combination of protein, fiber, necessary vitamins, and minerals. One or more of the potential health benefits of millet include the protection of cardiovascular health, preventing the onset of diabetes, supporting people in obtaining and maintain a balanced weight, and reducing intestinal inflammation.The most widely consumed millets including multi millet, foxtail millet , yogini finger millet (ragi), Barnyard millet, manna Kodo millet, Little Millet, and Proso Millet are among the healthier millet grains available. Buddy basket is offering all of them in different brands like Manna, elite and Yogini. 


Semolina, commonly known as Sooji or Rava, has long been a mainstay in Indian cuisine. Also, sooji is a product of coarsely crushed whole wheat that’s often popular in South Indian cuisines. The ingredient uses in a variety of savory and sweet cuisines, including upma and rawa laddoo. In addition to being a component of many South Indian dishes’ batters. Also, rava not only benefits in supplying immediate energy. But also increases your metabolism over time known to keep the heart, brain, and the bones healthy.

5.Kerala Breakfast Flours

Have you heard about Puttu Podi ? It’s popularly known as Kerala famous flour and healthy too. Puttu is a good source of carbohydrates that aids in speedy energy restoration. Additionally, it is a grain free of gluten, making it ideal for digestive issues sufferers. It also contains plenty of healthy carbohydrates, amino acids, and vitamin D. As well as fiber that helps with diabetic management and weight control. In a buddy basket cart you will get varieties of flours like Rice Puttu Podi, Ragi Puttu Podi, Wheat Puttu Podi, Chemba Puttu Podi flour etc.

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