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We’ve offered some of the top south Indian Dish mixes and ready-to-cook dishes that may be made quickly, and save your time in South Indian cuisine. In Canada, the most loved food is North Indian and South Indian because of the most Indian community residing there. So, let’s look at the list of best indian ready to eat meals you can shop from 

1. Priya Quick Millet Poha

how to cook poha recipe easily and quickly?

We created Quick Foods to simplify your life in the kitchen. Yes! Simply add boiling water, then savor your delectable dinner. Millet poha, both of which are delicious and nutritious. Enjoy the benefits of Ragi, Bajra, and Jowar, the three superfoods. In a cup that is additionally drenched with crunchy nuts, zesty lime, a spicy punch with a hint of chilli, and a garnish of coriander leaves for a tasty but healthy poha recipe. Simply empty the contents of the package into a bowl, add hot water, and your Quick Millet Poha will be ready in under five minutes. Also, we are offering more brands in poha like Yogini Poha Thick, 24 Mantra Organic Poha, Bansi Poha Thick, etc.

2. Priya Quick Millet Upma

This is a quick upma recipe for Pongal and Onam festivals. Quick Millet Upma, a South Indian delight with a hint of Priya’s unique flavor, will tickle your taste buds. The entire family will soon be able to enjoy the goodness of ragi, jowar, green vegetables, dals, and almonds as a healthy snack. Simply empty the ingredients into a bowl, top with hot water, and in under five minutes, you will have delicious Quick Millet Upma on the table. With a pickle on the side, you can spice up your Upma experience. We also have Melam Easy Upma Mix.

3. Nilamels Idli With Sambar

Why not try raw idli if you’re craving South Indian dishes? Your closest alternative to South Indian cuisine, but with a lot more convenience. Whatever you yearn for, A Sambar with the proper consistency, balance of veggies, and spices, or fluffy and soft idlis – Nilamels Instant food has all the components necessary to provide you with the ideal South Indian Recipe Delights, and your may-do it comfortably at home. Your indian store near me in Canada Buddy Basket offers this tasty ready-to-eat meal. 

4. Kababs 

 Kebab is a good mouth watering dish. All-time favorite medium-spicy, perfectly cooked kebabs varieties. You can fry, air fry, grill, or microwave appetizers to eat warm. We at Buddy Basket have a variety of reshmi kabab like HOME ROOT- Harabara Kebab Kathi Roll, Nanak Corn Kababs, etc. 

5. Saro Banana Fry

Banana Fry, the low-fat carbohydrate source, is the main component of this dish. Plantains are dipped in spiced wheat flour, fried in vegetable oil, and served as a quick snack in the Saro banana fry dish. Additionally, it can be purchased from us at a fair market price.

Therefore, when you’re too occupied to cook, just pick up a pack of these ready-to-eat meals. Indulge in delicious food like organic brown basmati, Dal Makhni with Naan, matar paneer, etc without having to put in any work. Buddy Basket is the perfect supermarket home delivery, just place an order online and get delivered to your doorstep. 

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