Tips for Storing Wine in this Upcoming Winter

Tips For Storing Wine

Most wine lovers would answer that their collection is stored in an overly warm environment. And how it can affect the quality of their wines are their top concerns regarding wine storage temperatures. While it is true that higher temperatures do affect the quality of wine, too-cold storage conditions can also have a detrimental effect on wines. The following advice and tips for storing wine will help you keep your wine collection properly if you reside in a cooler area.

Store in a dark location

The UV rays from the sun can cause a wine to age prematurely, making it its deadliest enemy. So avoid serving wine near windows and sunrooms. Keep wines in a box with a towel or sheet covering them if you live in a small flat and just couldn’t keep them out of bright sun and UV rays.

Lay the wine on its side

There will always be a need to lay a wine down as long as the French and Italians stick to tradition and use natural cork in their high-end wines. There is a effective reason for this: 

It maintains the cork’s moisture to prevent it from degrading. A deteriorated cork may fall into the bottle, allow more air to enter the wine, or promote evaporation. This takes time and years of cellaring rather than occurring quickly.Always see the date of manufacturing whenever you are choosing for red, ice-wine or white wine online delivery.

Be reliable

Maintaining a steady temperature is important while storing wine. Here, a wine refrigerator or wine cellar is useful. The wine needs to be refrigerated if you plan to keep it for longer than a year. The optimal temperature is 54 F (12.2 C). Wine may oxidize if the temperature rises beyond 75F (24C). Keep the humidity at 70% or below as well to prevent the cork from drying out. This procedure will also avoid mold growth. Due to their high levels of acidity and sugar, the best ice wines may age beautifully for more than ten years. So make a good choice to buy icewine online.

Prevent storage sheds and garages

Although keeping wine in a garage or storage shed might seem like a fantastic idea (it’s dark and fairly cool), the truth is that these places frequently see extreme temperature changes throughout the year. Additionally, you might store strong materials in these areas, such as gasoline or powerful cleaners, which, if you’re unfortunate, could seep into the wine through the cork.

As much as possible, stay ventilated.

If there is sufficient ventilation, keeping your wines in the basement or another area under the home is a pretty excellent option. A stale odor may develop in your wines if you don’t do this. White or Red wine online purchases frequently come packaged in boxes. Keep the wine in the box if at all possible to lessen the effects of temperature changes, particularly if the package is made of Styrofoam.

Maintain the right humidity for wine.

High humidity levels in your wine cellar or storage place have the ability to reduce the wine’s shelf life.High humidity can lead labels to tear off bottles. Making them difficult to display or sell. Whereas less humidity can lead corks to dry up, keeping the wine vulnerable to the effects of oxygen. Generally speaking, the humidity in your wine cellar should range from 60 to 68 percent.

Above tips for storing wine will definitely help you for the purpose. Looking for beer and wine delivery service in Canada ? Buddy Basket is offering white wine home delivery in all GTA parts like Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket, Ajax etc.