Vegan Indian Dishes : You Must Try

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 Indian cuisine offers a wide variety of vegan options. Whether you’re preparing a meal for one or eating out, you can always make quick adjustments to make it vegan-friendly.

Finding vegan Indian recipes isn’t too difficult because vegetarianism is thriving in Indian society and veggies are a staple food.So, today we are sharing a list of vegan dishes which can be tried which are present in Indian cuisine. Vegan eaters frequently check a few ingredients to see if a dish is suitable for them. Consider how we Westerners tend to add soybeans, potatoes, Basmati rice, mushrooms, vegetable medleys, and beans to our meals to make them heavier.

You should keep a look out for the following names in Vegetarian Indian food:

  • Potato
  • Cauliflower
  • Chickpea
  • Peas
  • spinach
  • Spinach and mustard greens
  • Cottage cheese
  • Clarified butter
  • Long Grain Rice 

Vegetarian Foods you can try

Some Indian foods are commonly made to be vegetarian dish; nevertheless, even though a dish is usually vegan, you must always double-check with your waiter or the nutritional label to be assured.


A fermented lentil and rice batter is used to make dosa, which is almost invariably vegan. Finely poured batter is then fried till crisp and brown on a skillet. A filled or a plain dosa can be served. The masala dosa, which is cooked with a potato and spice filling, is the most popular kind. Always make careful to inquire about if ghee or any other dairy products were used in the filling and whether oil rather than ghee was used to fry the dosas.

2.Veg Biryani Pulao 

Vegetarian pulao, also known as pilaf or pulav, is one of the most popular rice meals among vegetarians in India, along with Veg Biryani.A pulao is a one-pot dish made with rice, veggies, or a protein and flavorings like onions, garlic, ginger, etc. There are numerous ways to prepare a pulav. Use Best Basmati Rice for genuine taste. 


You should always inquire about the ingredients before ordering a curry because no single recipe can produce one. Eastern CHANA Masala, Okra, cabbage, aloo matar, aloo gobi, and baingan bharta are a few North Indian dishes that are suitable for vegans.From traditional curry, coconut curry, mango chutney, and tikka masala to a tandoori marinade. You can make a vegan curry in just 15 minutes by substituting coconut milk or another dairy-free milk for the cream.


The dish known as a samosa is basic but flavorful. These tasty delicacies are created by stuffing pastry dough with mouthwatering contents and frying them to be eaten as a side dish or snack.Salt, butter (not vegan), and maida flour are the main ingredients in the traditional samosa dough.The spiced potato and pea filling, which is the most common samosa filling in India. 

You can eat all of the Indian food, even if you follow a vegan diet. To shop any of the Indian groceries in Canada like matta rice online, vegetables, masala, etc, try Buddy Basket’s best online store, which gives the best delivery in Canada.