What are the best traditional Onam foods?

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The biggest festival in Kerala comes with celebrations which lead to an interesting cuisine prepared only during this season. Some of the best Onam special recipes can be prepared easily at home using the readily available ingredients and spices in an interesting way such as rice, sooji, tamarind, banana, Jaggery, groundnut, gram flour, spices, and spice mixes, fresh vegetables.

Onam is a time when people shed their inhibitions and express their feelings. They also celebrate with colors and light. Even as the country gears up for Onam, in every household of Kerala, people will be busy cooking traditional dishes; a varied menu meant to satisfy all tastes.

People exchange gifts and greet each other.  New clothes are worn, and families visit each other. It is celebrated with full swing and zeal all over Kerala. It is a time for celebration, family reunion, rejoice, and a lot more. Onam is also about food offerings to the Gods of Kerala temples.

There are a number of delicious delicacies that people look forward to during the Onam season, including payasam (sweet dish), pulissery (curry) and choru (steamed rice).

No Onam celebration is complete without payasam, the signature sweet dish of Kerala. It is also a soulful after-meal drink that serves as an antidote for any sour moods. Payasam is special because it takes sweet meets another sweet to create something even sweeter and hence more delicious with every sip or bite, a warm dessert that pleases every age group.

Payasam is a popular sweet dish in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka as well but has special significance in Kerala. It is either made with milk or jaggery cooked over low heat for hours till it thickens and sometimes flavored with cardamom. For special occasions, the liquid part is thickened with rice flour or arrack.

Apart from this, there are some other dishes that are made at Onam such as:

-Avial (mixed vegetables in coconut milk),

-Radish and egg curry,

-Mushroom pepper fry,



-Thenga Choru




-Kadala Curry

-Kalan Kerala Curry

-Ulli Theeyal

The major ingredients of these dishes include rice, groundnut, sooji, jaggery, tamarind, pulses, spices, rice powder, and lots of vegetables. Some of these ingredients are readily available in various South Indian and Asian households. However, in case you are missing any of those items, you can order everything from the online grocery delivery store.


There are several traditional food recipes that can be prepared for Onam that are liked by young and adults.  You can get every food item and ingredients, along with your favorite sweets and snacks at the online grocery delivery- Buddy Basket offers fresh, authentic, and original food items catering to the Asian and South Indian household in Canada.

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