What you should eat in the morning to stay fit?

What You Should Eat In The Morning To Stay Fit

It is a clear fact that there is a myriad list of products available on the internet that claims to make you healthy, keep you fit as well as help in losing weight. There is an enormous amount of tips and tricks loaded everywhere on websites, and social media that claim to make you fit, boost immunity, and reduce weight. However, some of them restrict your intake of food or make you follow a strict diet regime.  But do you know there are some healthier versions that are lip-smacking too?

Here are some of the foods that you can consume in the morning to stay slim and stay fit besides you can Order Indian Grocery online

1) 24 Mantra Ragi Flakes and Barley Flakes

24 Mantra Ragi Flakes and 24 Mantra Barley Flakes are nutritious breakfast options, that are rich in Vitamins and Minerals along with being high in fiber. These morning breakfast treats need no preparations or time for cooking. All you need to do is pour warm milk in a bowl and add ragi flakes and barley flakes or both. Additionally, add in some fruits of your choice if you prefer, like bananas, cherries, strawberries, etc. with some sugar or jaggery.

2) 24 Mantra Organic Brown Rice

Organic brown rice is better than the other Basmati Rice because it is grown without synthetic GMOS and consists of enormously high levels of protein. They are equally suitable for diabetics and people who suffer from heart-related issues. They are one of the best sources of fiber and are gluten-free that makes them fit for those who have bloating issues. Being 100% organic, any pesticides or harmful toxic chemicals are used in their production. The 24 Mantra Organic Brown rice is easily available at the Indian Grocery store online.

3) Manna Go Grains

Manna Go Grains are made from a blend of cereal, pulses, and milk proteins that offers 24 micronutrients.  Grains and cereals such as millets, ragi, jowar, bajra, wheat, maize, barley, and Bengal gram are used in preparing the delicious Manna Go Grains Multigrain Instant Drink Mix. This instant mix powder has the potential to deliver about 25% of the RDA requirement of protein for the children. At the same time, it has a combination of 11 minerals and 13 vitamins such as iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, etc. that are crucial for the overall growth and development of the children while delivering 379 kcal per 100 gm of serving. This flavored drink comes in chocolate flavor and is every child’s favorite morning drink. Simply mix it with warm milk and let your child enjoy every single sip of this delicious drink. This is one of the best drinks that does not lead to obesity or other health issues in children.

Beside above products you should also try below health products:

  • Manna Health Mix Powder and Satoo
  • Elite Red raw rice Unpolished
  • Rettalikili Mappilai Samba Rice

With these above-mentioned breakfast options, you and your child can kick-start your day in a healthy manner, without gaining weight. Expect yourself to be healthy and fit with this delicious and nutritious food instead of the boring, oily, and junk food. Develop healthy habits with organic food. You can easily buy all these and more grocery items from your trusted brand Buddy Basket – the leading brand to fulfill your grocery requirement. Whether it is cereals, pulses, oils, spices, or more, you can get everything from your favorite Indian grocery store online.