Whole Spices: Essentials staples for Indian Cooking

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Indian recipes are rich with spices, flavours, and aromas. India is perhaps the most popular when it comes to being a spice capital in the world! Probably because of our deeply rooted culinary traditions. Most Indian households include small containers full of the most essential spices for cooking or serving; these elements are so entrenched in our culture that we almost consider them magical! We have all heard our mothers, grandmothers, and even great grandmothers talk highly of their iconic recipes and how these spices were crucial to their success.

Indian whole spices are used to flavour food, especially curries and rice dishes. They are indeed great sources of antioxidants and health benefits, but did you know they can also be used as preventative measures? Below is a list of whole spices that can add an extra layer of health benefits simply by stirring them into your favourite recipes.

Cumin: Also known as jeera, this spice is used in almost all of India’s recipes. This spice is used in making garam masala, which is an aromatic Indian spice that goes great with curries and chats. Cumin has a number of health benefits as well, including being a natural blood purifier and anti-inflammatory. Seeds and powder can be found online, but for good quality you should check out an online selling portal such as BuddyBusket.

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Fenugreek is natural and packed with vitamins, but not just for cooking. You can make a fenugreek tea from the seeds – which are boiled in water, just like any other tea – and enjoy this refreshing herbal infusion. When buying Indian spices online in Canada, use fenugreek that is authentic.

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Ajwain/Carom Seeds: Carom or Ajwain Seeds is one of the spices in the world that doubles up as medicine too! A common cold, gas, and constipation are even treated with this herb. 

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Indian Red Chilli: There is no dish that can be left out of the quintessential Indian spice, since red chilli powder adds so much heat and excitement to it! Loved by many, this versatile ingredient is known for giving any food the fire needed to make it stand out. Red Chilli peppers, which come in a variety of shades, are very popular among Europeans and Asians who use their hot flavours to trigger their taste buds all the more.

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Rai: Rai seeds come in yellow, black, and brown varieties but each kind gives dishes a nutty taste which is sharpened by their intense fragrance. They add both flavour and colour to curries, as well as provide relief from coughs and colds, promoting hair growth and being highly rich in calcium, zinc, and dietary fibre.

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Coriander: Coriander seeds that are dried and ground up are used primarily as a spice in different regions around the world. For example, sometimes it is referred to as cilantro – which is a type of herb with leaves similar to parsley commonly used in cooking. The flavour of coriander is very warm, almost peppery, and it’s very good for blood circulation and has cooling properties as well.

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